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I am a wife, and a mother. Like many avid readers, I had been told "put the book away" more times than I could count. It didn't stop me from reading. I could always be found with a book in my hand. 

I have to tell you, I didn't dream of being and author. When I was a kid, I wanted to be the one who found Bigfoot. The week after I wanted to be president. I ended up in the Army. Now I get to live vicariously through my characters! 

Unbalanced was a story I had scratching at my brain and when I initially wrote it, I did not plan to publish. But once I started writing, I couldn't seem to stop. Now I'm working on book 4 in my series with no signs of stopping!

I look forward to seeing how far I can go. I hope you enjoy my books.

And if anyone tells you to "put the book away", tell them Evie Black said you can read until your heart's content.

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