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Agents of Balance and Chaos Series

March 2023

Lucy is a human. Boring. Normal. She has no idea that the supernatural world exists outside of fairy tales and myth. But when a demon attacks her in her home, she learns that the monsters from myth are real. She is taken in by a shadow organization, known as the Guardian Elite, a demon slaying organization almost as old as civilization itself. When it becomes apparent that her demon problem won’t be easily solved, she is put under the protection of one of the organization’s strongest members. Sebastian is an angel/demon hybrid. An Abomination. An outcast. For thousands of years, he has warred with his dual natures. Desperately trying to maintain the balance within himself. Killing demons was the only thing that gave him purpose. Even when the world turned their backs on him, he stood between humanity and the demons that would corrupt them. Until Lucy. She’s a job. A distraction. Even as he attempts to keep her at arm’s length, he finds himself drawn to her. His demon half wants to possess her. His angel half craves her heart. But there’s a powerful demon on the loose, one that will stop at nothing to capture her. Will he be able to stop the demon? Or will Lucy provide too much of a distraction?

November 2023

Brown bear-shifters are known for their strength and resilience. Their wildness and ferocity. No bear-shifter embodies these attributes more than Chief Leona. She's strong, confident. A force to be reckoned with. She plans to use her strength to win the upcoming Bear Festival; the centennial contest where shifters compete to be deemed worthy by the Gods. The prize? The opportunity to guard the bear-shifter's most holy relic. This year is different. Not only are there forces at work in the world at large, but her Clan Elders are pressuring her to choose a mate. The candidates? Twin brothers, polar-bear shifters from a neighboring clan. Too bad for them, she has no interest in taking a mate, no matter how much she may be attracted to the youngest twin. Zandros fell into lust as soon as he laid eyes on Leona. She was fierce, unexpected, and everything he thought he hated in a woman. The more he gets to know her, the harder he falls. He quickly learns his practiced flirtations and decadent kisses aren't going to win her, so what will? What would convince her that he is the man for her?

July 15, 2024

Donovan is a simple man. All he needs is his flask and something to do. So, when the Guardian Elite starts recruiting Immortals for a special team, Donovan signs on. He soon learns that the job wasn’t as glamorous or bloody as he would have liked. He gets put on mortal-sitting duty, watching a woman named Theodora, who turns out to be the next Oracle. Donovan didn’t want to train Thea. He didn’t want the responsibility of training a new Witch, but when he finds Thea attempting a spell that could cause serious harm, he decided to intervene. Thea makes a living as a psychic, knowing the supernatural world is real, but confident that she would never be a part of it. But when she gets chosen as the next Oracle, she finds herself dropped into a world of myths and legends. She has no one to teach her about magic, or what it means to be immortal. As Thea learns about her powers, and what it means to be an Oracle, she finds herself fighting her attraction to the man teaching her. It was easy at first, because Donovan is a dick. But when things start to heat up between them, Thea’s visions get progressively worse. Between the visions and Donovan’s treatment of her, Thea realizes she’s fighting an uphill battle. She can’t handle both. So, which will she choose? Donovan or the visions of the future?


Coming Soon

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