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Agents of Balance and Chaos Book One

Lucy is a human. Boring. Normal. She has no idea that the supernatural world exists outside of fairy tales and myth. But when a demon attacks her in her home, she learns that the monsters from myth are real. She is taken in by a shadow organization, known as the Guardian Elite, a demon slaying organization almost as old as civilization itself. When it becomes apparent that her demon problem won’t be easily solved, she is put under the protection of one of the organization’s strongest members.   Sebastian is an angel/demon hybrid. An Abomination. An outcast. For thousands of years, he has warred with his dual natures. Desperately trying to maintain the balance within himself. Killing demons was the only thing that gave him purpose. Even when the world turned their backs on him, he stood between humanity and the demons that would corrupt them. Until Lucy.   She’s a job. A distraction. Even as he attempts to keep her at arm’s length, he finds himself drawn to her. His demon half wants to possess her. His angel half craves her heart. But there’s a powerful demon on the loose, one that will stop at nothing to capture her. Will he be able to stop the demon? Or will Lucy provide too much of a distraction?


Loved it!

When I first read what this book was about I wasn’t sure if it was my type of book but I quickly got wrapped up in the tangles and it took me. Unbalanced was perfectly balanced with love and suspense. It truly kept me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns. I definitely recommend this book. I will be buying book 2 once it comes out!!


Angles, demons, and cinnamon rolls, OH MY!

Not even sure where to start, this book was amazing cover to cover. Follow Lucy as her world gets turned upside down by an angle/demon half breed. Her degree in counseling could not prepare her for all that she would be facing, all that she would lose, and even more that she would gain.


Bravas is BAE

Once I started this book, I couldn't stop. I will say I was more drawn to the Grigori than I was the main characters but who can resist a cuddly demon. Bravas was my favorite character by far. And I feel Esther is my spirit angel. The villain lover in me wants Tristan to have a redemption arc (cough cough) ...Sebastian and Lucy 🖤 I love a stubborn FMC and a MC that falls to her feet. Probably my favorite ARC so far.


Phenomenally Spectacular

Definitely Phenomenal, the constant banter between Sebastian, Lucy and the rest of the characters. The plot changes periodically which is great, the descriptions of the characters, their supernaturnal powers and the Spice is 1000/10, the diry talk from sebastian EXCUSE ME OMG, SIR..this is a Wendy's (lol). All in All 1000/10 Would definitely recommend Congratulations EVIE!!!!!!


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